Here’s a checklist of what your website should do:

It should be professional

If you want your website to get a lot of attention, it should not look cheap or plain.

Your own domain name

Even if you decide to use free platforms for creating your website like WordPress, you should spend some money to purchase your own domain name. It lets your customers know you’re serious about doing business. Your domain name should be one that can easily be remembered.

It should be secure

If you are going to have people making payments on your site, then you have to comply with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s criteria. This will allow you have access to online card payments on your website.

Have your business registered

Make sure your business is easily searchable on search engines. Register your business domain name on search engines so it can be found. You can register your business on search engines with keywords like new Zealand online casinos, so when people search for it your business will come up.

Put your business contact in a click to call format

This makes it easy for visitors on your website to easily call you up without having to type out your phone number.

Your contact should be easily found

When your business turns up in search engines, it should also have your business contact information shown at a glance for people to see.

Visitors should know what you do at first glance

This can be done with images, video content and descriptions to let visitors know what your business does and what they are offering to the public.

It should have a unique selling point

This is the part where you get to point out to visitors why they should do business with you and what makes you stand out of the competition.